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Why Travel?

by Rob Woodman

I am about to set off on a two week trip to England and Spain.  As I get ready to travel I realize that it is a lot of work.  It is not just the packing for the trip.  That is pretty easy since I’m taking the minimum.  There are so many things to tie up or at least to tie in place until I get back.  Inevitably I’ll forget something and need to hustle at the last minute or make some arrangement to take care of my as yet unknown forgotten thing.  I don’t hate airports like some people do but between hanging out in the airport and sitting for endless hours on a plane, it is exhausting.  And then the time change.  In other words, travel isn’t all that easy.  So why travel?

It can be to see new places, places I’ve always heard about but never seen or at best have seen only in photos.  The truth is that man has made some remarkable things, mostly buildings, that delight the eye and other senses.  Beaches and mountains around the world make me feel at one with the universe and I love to get lost in sunsets.  But there are buildings and beaches and mountains everywhere.  I don’t need to travel to England or Spain just for that.  So why travel?

For me, travel is about people.  I want to not just visit a place but experience the place from the perspective of a local.  I want to be with the people and know how life is in other places.  Gay Hopper gives me the best chance of doing that.  I can meet a host who will show me around and with whom I might even stay.  I’ll be with other Gay people without event trying because you only find Gay people on Gay Hopper.   I’ll have instant contact with the community.  And these friendships can last forever.

Here’s my question.  Why do you travel?

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